Anki freezes up and says 'Not Responding' when I try to open it on my Windows 10 machine

I’m running Windows 10 on a Dell G3 laptop. I have Anki 2.1.49 installed. When I open Anki I’m just met with a blank screen and the title bar says ‘User 1 - Anki (Not Responding)’.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that doesn’t seem to do anything to fix the issue. Restarting the PC doesn’t have any effect either.

I’ve tried holding ‘shift’ when opening the program (even though I don’t think I have any add-ons installed) and it works. I’m able to see my decks. However, when I click on a deck and then click ‘browse’ to see the cards in the deck, it opens a new window with just a blank screen and the title bar says 'Anki (Not Responding). It’s strange, if I hold shift to open the Anki program. I can see my decks, add cards, and view stats, but I can’t click on ‘browse’. That causes it to freeze up.

Any thoughts?

Try disabling hardware acceleration. See Display Issues - Anki Manual

If you export a colpkg with all of your data, then import it into a new profile, does that help?

I created a colpkg file (didn’t know that was a thing until you suggested it. Thanks!). Then I uninstalled Anki. Just for good measure, I also deleted everything Anki related from Program Files and AppData. I didn’t have too many cards yet, so if I lose my cards it’s not a big deal.

I reinstalled Anki and I’m not even logged into an account, but it STILL won’t run. Any other ideas?

I tried disabling hardware acceleration but every piece of instruction I could find on how to do that online said I needed to go to the Troubleshooting tab of the display adapter. There was no troubleshooting tab, which one site said means that my PC doesn’t support hardware acceleration. I also clicked on the link you included and tried typing the command into the command line, but it just said ‘file not found’

I just tried this one more time. I re-deleted everything (I think the first time I missed a folder inside of the global AppData folder) and it worked! I was able to import the colpkg data just fine. I’m not sure what ha dhappened. But I can use Anki again. Thanks!