Anki Crash on last few versions (Windows 10)

Hi, Anki Desktop crashes after selecting a Profile. This has been a problem over the last few stable versions. The last backup I have on this device is from May 5 which feels right. When I tried to downgrade the first time it happened it was still broken. Luckily I can still use it on another device, but I’d like to get it working again.


  • Windows 10, version 10.0.18363 Build 18363, auto updates
  • Intel processor, NVIDIA GTX graphics

Error Process

  • Open Anki via desktop icon
  • Anki opens to “Profiles”
  • Select Profile; moves to next screen and freezes with “Not Responding” message. Must force quit. No error message produced.
  • Can’t open from backup.

Fix Attempts

  • I have attempted the “When Problems Occur” steps.
  • I uninstalled the 64 bit version, restarted, and installed the 32 bit version as recommended here.

Trying toggling the hardware acceleration setting in the preferences.
Also see this if that doesn’t work:


@abdo - Thanks a million!

For anyone else, I downgraded to 32 bit before attempting this fix. I tried to toggle hardware acceleration on my Windows settings for the entire system but was unable to find them. I tried multiple instruction sets to find it but it wasn’t available.

I used the command line changes in the link provided above and set it to “angle” which worked. Note that I tried “auto” first, which didn’t work.