Problem using the Anki Software

Hello Anki family,
I have been using “Anki-2.1.47-windows” on my windows 10. The Anki software doesn’t open, even after reinstalling it several times and restarting my laptop many times. I tried my luck with
“Anki-2.1.44-windows” version, still the same issue. Hence tried the 32-bit edition. I can open the software, but I cannot use it because I made profiles in previous versions (Anki-2.1.47-windows).
An error shows up “This profile requires a newer version of Anki to open. Did you forget to use the Downgrade button before switching Anki versions?”…
How do I resolve this? I have some important exams coming up.

Try following the debugging steps here: When Anki doesn't start on Windows (debugging steps) - Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to use an older version of Anki, you first have to go the profiles screen in the new version and click Downgrade & Quit before opening the profile in an older version. The profiles screen can be accessed from the File > Switch Profile menu item.

If you’re unable to open a newer Anki, you should still be able to create a new profile, then import a backup/sync your data into it.