Anki Destop - Not responding after being run for the first time

Windows 10/Anki Desktop

I am not new the Anki Desktop, I have been using it for quite a while now.
I built a new PC recently, installed Anki and started syncing my decks. I think at one point there was a huge amount of desks that still needed to be synced but I had to reboot for an update.

Ever since then I have not been able to open Anki properly. It always shows “Not Responding”.
I have went through the uninstall of ALL files multiple times. And cleaned out Anki completly before opening it again. It will always open the first time, allow me to sync all my desks, and use and study. But once I close it, and try to open it, it goes back to “Not Responding”. I am under the impression that my account used to sync is some how corrupted. Are there way to check, or repair this?

If it’s syncing-related, you can start Anki while holding down the shift key to disable automatic syncing. If it’s not, maybe renaming your prefs21.db file to something else while Anki is closed will help it start again?

Strangly, if I open Anki as admin, it fixes it. But only for that session of me being logged in. In the same session I can exit out of Anki without having to open it with admin rights again after the first time adorks perfectly fine.

If I reboot, I have to open as admin again, thus sing the problem again.

I will reboot and try disabling sync but everything is synced and this is happening still.

What text is printed when the problem happens while running anki-console?

If you’re using 2.1.64, the path is likely different.

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