Anki exiting on when the laptop goes into sleep mode

Have this strange issue recently, perhaps after my last update that every-time my laptop comes back from sleep, I find Anki had exited and I have to restart.

I am using Anki 2.1.35

Wonder if this is a bug and if this something that can be controlled via a setting?


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It’s a bug in a library Anki uses, and you may have more luck with the alternate version on Anki’s download site.

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Thanks. By “alternate” do you mean an older version? Would you know from which version this started?
Also wonder if there are any other fixes?

The alternate version can be downloaded from here:
It’s labled “alternate” as opposed to “standard”.

Thanks abdo. I have quite a few extensions installed (15+) wonder if the alternate version may break some of these? Also, it says they lack a few improvements, is it possible to get a list of the differences?

I suggest you give it a go and see if it works for you.