What on earth is that?

Are you using any add-ons? If yes start Anki while holding the Shift button and check, if this resolves an issue.

It happens to me, when the computer wakes up from sleep mode.
Click on “Decks” again.

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Same for me, it occours if I let Anki on background, and then woke up my PC from sleep mode. It can be easy fixed my pressing Sync button, or restarting Anki (which I hardly ever do, because pressing Sync button is enough).
I never close anki (it’s always on background), so I may encounter it once a week, I guess. Some times it covers the whole page, some time only a half.

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Unfortunately not helping

Can’t click on it. Can’t find it cos of that thing on the screen

What version do you have?
If your version is old, consider upgrading

I am on the latest stable version and it happens to me as well. Only when the computer wakes up from sleep/hibernate mode.

Try going to > Tools > Preferences.
and mark like this:

This is pretty harmless. I get it too. I think it’s because Anki creates a local connection of some sort.


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