Anki crashing when opening Browser on Mac - can we resize windows on launch?

My understanding is that this issue has been going on since 2023 and the only fix seems to be to use the Resize Windows button.

Since it’s been acknowledged extensively and seems to be a technically challenging problem to fix, can we please just add an option to reset window sizes on launch so that we don’t have to go through the same motions over and over?

Just a thought / suggestion. Thanks!

My understanding was that the problem went away for affected users after resetting window sizes, and that it wasn’t happening on every run of the program. If it is for you, are you using any add-ons, and does it reoccur after resetting the sizes if the add-ons are disabled? Does it happen with both a horizontal and vertical editor split? Do you have multiple/external monitor(s)?

I haven’t tried disabling addons. The split is set to horizontal and I have not changed it. I don’t use external monitors. I will try disabling addons and changing split. Thank you.