Main window size reset every time it is closed


I clicked on the “Reset Window Sizes” option in the menu by accident. Anki behaved normally before I clicked that, but now it seems permanently broken. Every time I close Anki it won’t remember my last window size.

I’ve tried entering/exiting full screen, resizing a ton of times, as well as reinstalling the latest version and disabling all add-ons. The problem remains though.

I saw that a was created a few years back, it’s closed now, and I can’t include links in my posts but the thread title was " 65. The size of the main window is reset every time it is closed again".

How do I fix this? Thank you.

Edit: The same does not apply to the browse window, it became reset to it’s smaller size but if I change it it is saved next time I open the app – so only main window is affected.

I had the same problem, but this problem has been solved in Anki 2.1.66. If you are in a hurry you can use Pre-release.


That is great to hear, thank you for the quick reply :+1:

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