Opening Browse window causes Anki to quit

I’m running Anki 2.1.65 on a Windows 10 desktop. From the main Anki window I click “Browse”. The Browse window opens and then in about 5 seconds both the Browse window & the main window close. This started happening a few days ago. I can’t think of anything that’s changed about the Anki version I’m using or about my computer setup.

Please try resetting the window positions in the preferences screen before opening the browse screen.

In the Preferences window, I don’t see anything about “window positions”. There is a button labeled “Reset Window Sizes”. When I clicked on it, it said “Window sizes and locations have been reset.” Then I closed the app and re-opened it, but the Browse window still shuts the app down prematurely.

SOLVED: I have been using an add-on called “Colorful Browser Sidebar”. When I deleted that add-on, the problem with the Browser disappeared.

Thanks for letting us know what the culprit was.

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