Anki crashes whenever I open File Explorer

I’m trying to make a language-learning deck, but whenever I try and attach a sound Anki crashes after the File Explorer opens. Usually the File Explorer opens and it lets me scroll through the files for a second and the program just closes with no error message.

I’m using Windows 10 and have tried running Anki in compatibility mode for Windows 8, but the same thing happens. I do not have any add-ons nor night mode enabled. I have tried opening while pressing Shift, I have tried restarting my computer, I have checked that I am using the latest version (Version 2.1.33 (3f403040), and I have checked and rebuilt my database. Still, I cannot add sounds or new decks because anytime File Explorer is opened, Anki crashes. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

This seems strange.

Try turning off hardware acceleration from the preferences screen.


Also see

Or try the alternate version from the download site here:

Thank you! I tried turning off hardware acceleration but after I did that, I could not re-open Anki and got this error.

So I tried uninstalling and re-installing the alternate version as you suggested and it seems to work perfectly now.

This may help with running the standard version (From the support page I linked above):

On Windows if you’re unable to get to Anki’s preferences screen and restarting Anki a few times does not help, you may need to manually adjust the graphics driver. You can do this by starting cmd.exe and typing the following:

echo auto > %APPDATA%\Anki2\gldriver

There are three settings you can try: ‘auto’, ‘angle’, and ‘software’. If you have problems both when hardware acceleration is turned on and turned off in the preferences, it’s worth giving ‘angle’ a go.

One other thing you could try: Anki Desktop Crashes When I Try to Export a Deck