Anki crashes when 'Add' note

Hi there,

Please can someone help me as when I use Anki (2.1.32) it keeps crashing everytime I click “add” note. The new window opens but it is blank and after some seconds it just has “Not responding” written at the top. This happens when I click add on the deck view screen and also in the brower toolbar menu.

I tried reinstalling Anki twice and also pressing Shift and starting Anki and also disabled and then later deleted all my add ons and started Anki but none of this has made a difference. It crashes everytime.

I also have rebuilt the database several times and never had any issues found.

Thanks for any advice you can share on how I can stop it crashing. I downloaded several shared decks for German language learning recently - could it perhaps be caused be one of those?

Many thanks

Try turning hardware acceleration off from the preferences screen.


See for more info.

Or download the alternate version from Anki website.

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I just switched hardware acceleration off and seems to be working great again! thanks very much for your help