Anki Card Retirement not working on latest version

The Anki Card Retirement add-on does not work on the latest version of Anki, is there any way to adapt its code to make it work with the latest version of Anki? Is there any solution for automatically retiring cards with the latest version of Anki once they surpass a given repetition threshold?

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I don’t know which add-on this is, but the only similar ones I see on the shared-add-ons page haven’t been updated for years. It’s unsurprising they don’t work.

You can contact the add-on author, or see if you can get another developer (like Simple fix of broken add-ons for the latest Anki (by Shige)) interested in doing an update for you.

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It’s basically this add-on: 1972853015

It allows for automatically querying all notes and retires all of them whose repetition delay is greater than a given value (say, 120 days). Like this, one can avoid a deck getting too big with too many card reviews over time, as it is assumed that over a given threshold (e.g. 3 months), one can consider the card as “learned”.

The original author of the add-on (GitHub/RawToast/Anki-Retirement-Addon) does not have an e-mail address listed on his/her/their GitHub profile. The author’s personal website is listed on his/her/their GitHub profile, which also does not feature any e-mail address, unfortunately.

How can I create an open petition for the community to update the add-on?

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Try Migaku Anki Add-on

The Migaku Anki Add-on is a combination of all our previous addons and their features. But it is not only a combination, we also simplified the set up and usage of the add-on to make it more accessible.

Considering this addon seems abandoned the same functionality can be achieved by using the following query in the card browser: prop:due>120. This will display all cards due after 120 days
Searching - Anki Manual
From Comments in the add-on page

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The Migaku Add-on (1846879528) can only be used if one uses Migaku as well:


That’s why the Card Retirement add-on (1972853015) would be the ideal solution.

I am aware of manually running a query like “prop:due>120” and then manually retiring cards, however, this proves quite cumbersome: the beauty of the Card Retirement add-on is that it runs all of that automatically when launching Anki, every time.

I would thus really love to have that add-on available for the latest Anki version.

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This add-on seems to be a copy of Migaku’s paid add-on. Recently, official Migaku has been doing a lot of development, so try to request to them.

How can I create an open petition for the community to update the add-on?

There is no such service in the Anki community. Most add-ons are developed by individual volunteers and not related to official Anki, so if it breaks, that’s simply the end of it.

I doubt Migaku is willing to develop an add-on for Anki users that don’t use Migaku…

It’s a shame the Card Retirement plug-in didn’t get updated :frowning:

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Recently Migaku’s add-on is maintained by a top class veteran Anki volunteer developer. They have very high technical skills, so I think they repair it quite easily.

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@Shigeyuki thanks for your comment.

When clicking on “Contact Author” on the Migaku Anki Add-on’s site, I am led to a dead link.

I have checked on GitHub and I think I have found the GitHub repository for the add-on. The last contribution is by Henrik Giesel, I have sent him an e-mail on this matter. Crossing fingers :crossed_fingers:.

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Unfortunately I am not getting any reply from Henrik Giesel so far :frowning:

@Shigeyuki , who were you referring to as the " top class veteran Anki volunteer developer"? Was it Henrik Giesel? If not, could you share the contact details?

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Yes he is, he is the legendary developer who contributed the most to the development of Anki, except for the official Anki.

Henrik Giesel seems to have become an employee of Migaku. I think the developer is busy, so you might want to contact the Migaku company.

I just posted on Migaku’s Discord Server, let’s see what happens :crossed_fingers:

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