Anki Backup empty and Deck empty

Dear Anki Community and Moderators,

I have a serious issue with my Anki: My cards just vanished, probably due a computer error. I had several issues with my machine after I created a backup. So my computer was just fine when I created the backup.

Now I just wanted to go ahead and try restoring my deck via Anki web, but unfortunately it didn’t save the entire card collection but just the decks I have visible on staple view.

I thought that this couldn’t possibly be an issue, as I also have a backup on my hard drive. So I tried restoring from it. The date of this backup is 25th October 2023. This backup contains much more cards than my backup from 2021 which works perfectly fine. But unfortunately the most recent backup from 2023 is empty, too

Is anyone here able to assist me in recovering this backup from Anki web database?

Thank you so much in advance. As you might understand, I don’t have the time to create all the cards manually.



Are you trying to restore from a manual backup, or an automatic backup? You should have many auto-backups (Backups - Anki Manual) that are more recent than October. If for some reason they aren’t appearing when you go through the profile-switcher window, find your actual profile folder (Managing Files - Anki Manual) and see what backups are there.

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