Accidental Anki Deck Upload

I accidentally messed up and forced the upload of my local Anki decks to the AnkiWeb account, without backing up beforehand. I did this on 2024-04-24 around 12:30 (UTC-3) and ended up erasing all the cards I added during the past months. Please, could you restore my AnkiWeb decks from the backup from 2024-04-23? I already exported my local Anki decks today so it would be no problem if I forced the download from AnkiWeb later. Thank you!!

Did you have cards that you created on AnkiWeb that you hadn’t synced to any local device for months? Or were those lost cards on a different device that you were syncing with the same AnkiWeb account?

Unlike local backups, if there is a server-side backup available, you’re not going to get to pick the date. For that reason, it’s best to explore all other options first. (That’s why I’m asking you the questions above.)

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I created all those cards I lost on AnkiWeb and I hadn’t synced to my local computer yet, so when I forced the upload to AnkiWeb I lost all of them and I didnt have a backup

And you didn’t have AnkiWeb synced to another device?

No…that’s why I wanted to restore my AnkiWeb decks from before 2024-04-24

Okay – @dae will see this message and let you know if a backup is available.

Sorry, your backups do not appear to match your description. I checked a backup from the 19th, and you only had 11 cards at that time. The next backup after that is the 26th.

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