'Again' sending cards to next day


For some reason, when I get something wrong the ‘again’ option is still sending the card to next day.

Not sure why this is happening, but I’m not really learning/revising anything if wrong answers are being deferred to the next day.

I vaguely recall having this issue going back nearly 10 years! But hitting the ‘restore defaults’ at the time helped resolve the issue from what I can recall, but not helping this time. I’ve hit the ‘restore defaults’ on the all the options screen.

My normal learning is - repeat in a few mins if wrong, if I get it right then to the next day.

I’m sure this was working yesterday.

Thanks for any advice on how to fix this, I’ve attached a screenshot if that helps.


Maybe try going to Lapses > Steps (in minutes) and set them to 1 10

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I’d double check you’re actually looking at the correct deck options. 1d on Again implies you’ve added a 1 day step in the lapse section.

Hey thanks mate, this actually helped resolve the issue, much love.