After revising cards a few times, they disappear from the cycle

Hello, my problem is that I create a deck, add card, revise those cards… then finish those cards, and next day, I revise them again (normal stuff you do with anki).

But after revising the cards in a deck 5-6 times (that takes like 2 weeks approx), the deck will not refresh anymore, it will say, “congrats no new cards to learn”, but in fact, the last time I revised those cards was 4 days ago (or sometimes even more)…

If I check those cards in the “browse cards” option, (at the option current deck), it also shows, that the card is due! (the date is like 3-4 days back)-

That doesn’t happen for the first time… If this happens, I delete the card cycle and go on studying… but that can’t be the intention of anki right?

What do I have to change? Do you need screenshots of my options, and if yes, of which options? :smiley:

I hope you can help me, because exam period is coming nearer…
Thank you :slight_smile:

Edit: here are some screenshots…

The limits of the New cards/day and Maximum reviews/day settings set on the parent deck are overriding the settings on the child deck (Both are 0). You should open the options of the parent deck (I think “Embryology II” here) and increase these two settings. Recent versions of Anki have a new deck options screen that warns about such issues. You may want to update if there is nothing blocking you from doing that (Like add-ons).

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Thank you… I changed it… and also updated my Anki version