Adjusting the settings for my specific repetition needs

Hello everybody!

I want to start using Anki and I already watched some tutorials. Still, it is quite complicated to find out how I should adjust the settings for my specific needs. I want to revise my cards after 2 days if I got it right, then after 4 days, then after 8 days, then after 14 days and then once a month if I get it right everytime. As soon as I didn’t get the right answer, it should start from the beginning (2d, 4d, 8d and so on).
Could someone please help me to find the right settings for this?

Side note: by doing that you are not using full Anki and SRS potential.

But to have this setting I will try:

  • Learning steps: 1m 2d 4d 8d 14d
  • Graduating interval: 31d
  • Relearning steps: 1m 2d 4d 8d 14d
  • Minimum interval: 31d
  • Maximum interval: 31d

Thank you for your fast and very helpful advice! So far, I used paper flashcards for studying and I followed this repition schedule. Since I’m new to Anki, I would like to maintain this schedule for the start. But I think I will try this schedule with one deck and the default settings with another one, so I can try both and see if there is a difference.
One question: You would set “Minimum interval” to 31d. Doesn’t that mean that the cards will be reviewed after 31d earliest?

Minimum interval 31d means, that after a bad answer (“Again”) card will go through relearning steps (1m 2d 4d 8d 14d) and then will be assigned an interval no less than 31d. As the maximum interval is also 31d, then the interval after going through the relearning steps will be always 31d.
That’s how I understood what you are trying to achieve.

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Ah okay. Yes, that’s how I want it to work. Thank you for that explanation! :slight_smile:

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