Anki help- need help with exams in a month

Hi. I have exams in around a month and a half and i know most of my cards as I have been doing them on quizlet anyways so they aren’t new. I wanted to switch over to anki but needed to get the right settings so that when a review card is pressed good on or in general a card has been graduated, that it does not take more than a week to come back. Also after it comes back as a review card after fully graduating, what will be the next interval. Please can someone help?

According to the basic settings, the intervalls are: 1d, 3d, 6d and so on. If you want to set a limit to your cards intervals, or in any other way change the intervals, that is possible. If you search for “anki set max interval” you will find articles explaining how to do so. (Unfortunately I can’t include a link for some reason).

Good luck!