Urgent: change the revision interval, my exam is in 2 months

Urgent !
Hello, I have an exam in 2 months, I have 1000 cards to learn. This system of spaced repetition is very good but I don’t want to have cards to revise in 1 month or 3 months just because I already know them a little (it will be too late!). Is it possible to change this time interval: difficult cards: every day, slightly known cards: every 2 days, easy cards every 3 days for example?
I am able to review about 500 cards per day.

I try to follow that " [Settings for using Anki to prepare for a large exam] but I don’t understand. Could you explain to me what is the best setup and where modify them !

Make it simple please ! what do I have to change here :

Daily Limits
New cards/day
Maximum reviews/day
New Cards
Learning steps
1m 10m
Graduating interval
Easy interval
Insertion order

Relearning steps
Minimum interval
Leech threshold
Leech action

Maximum answer seconds
Show answer timer

Bury new siblings until the next day

Bury review siblings until the next day

Maximum interval
Starting ease
Easy bonus
Interval modifier
Hard interval
New interval

Thanks for your help

Urgent : modifier l’interval de révision, mon examen est dans 2 mois
Bonjour, je dois passer un examen dans 2 mois, j’ai 1000 cartes à apprendre. Ce système de répétition espacé est très bien mais il ne faut pas que j’aie des cartes qui sont à réviser dans 1 mois ou 3 mois juste parce que je les sais dejà un peu (ce sera trop tard !). Est-il possible de modifier cet interval de temps : carte difficiles : tous les jours, cartes un peu connus : tous les 2 jours, cartes faciles tous les 3 jours par exemple ?
Je suis capable de réviser 500 cartes par jour environ.

J’essaie de suivre ce " [Paramètres d’utilisation d’Anki pour la préparation d’un examen important] mais je ne comprends pas. Pourriez-vous m’expliquer quelle est la meilleure configuration et où les modifier !

Merci pour votre aide

Two options to consider are setting a maximum interval or using filtered decks.

I don’t like the way the filtered decks work, there is a new pack that appears, I find it a bit complicated. I would prefer to change the intervals, what are the values you recommend (1000 cards in total, possibility to review 500 cards per day, exam in 2 months)
thank you

Reviewing the same 1000 cards every two days for a month is hugely inefficient. When studying for an exam, filtered decks allow you to, for example, study the cards that you got wrong recently.

That said, setting the maximum interval will ensure you see your cards at least that often, if that’s what you want.


Thanks. Usually I don’t use anki like that, I use recommended setups for language learning for instance, but it’s an emergency !

I’ll try these setups :
new cards/day : 20
maximum reviews/day : 200
learning step new cards : 1m 10 m 30 m 2h
advanced : maximum interval 7 days

What do you think of that ?