Add-ons loading time


I have added installed a lot of add-ons overtime, and now Anki takes around 5 seconds to load.
Are there some general tips to speed up the loading time ?

Most add-ons should have negligible startup time. What add-ons do you have installed?

Most likely there are few addons that take the most time. I think there is an addon profiler, but you could roughly estimate which addons are the most time consuming by disabling some and see if it gets better.

Once you have individuated these, you could disable them, and simply enable them when needed (I think you don’t use always all of your addons).

Thank you for your insights !

The one taking most of the time is the Migaku Japanese addon.
Its source code is pretty big, with a lot of vendorized dependencies, so it makes sense that it’s slow to load.
Unfortunately, I often need it when editing cards, so I would not be practical to disable it by default…

Anki is (probably) bigger than this add-on, and yet it’s faster to load! I think it’s very likely that there is a bug in the add-on that causes it to be slow. Try to open an issue in their issue tracker, or simply ask the dev, someone should be able to tell you if it’s really doing a ton a (required) work, or if it is not supposed to be so slow.