Accidentally deleted 'backs' one deck

I mistakenly deleted the ‘back’ for one of my decks as I thought it meant something else. I have spent a few weeks creating this deck so when I realised what I had done I had a mental breakdown. Is there anyway to restore them? If anybody knows, please could you help me? Thank you!
Also, I hadn’t created an account before I deleted them…

You may be able to restore from a backup:

Ah yes, I just read more about backups and succesfully restored it - unfortunately it’s 6 days old, so now I have to relearn 1500 words… Thank you anyway!

It might or might not be possible to save the scheduling data and recover the backsides, but I wouldn’t know what the easiest steps to this would be. It could cost less time than relearning 1500 cards. Anyway, I am surprised that your last backup should be 6 days old…

I’m not sure why either… it seems all my backups are many days apart… do you know if there’s a way to increase the interval between back ups?
(The last two were from when I accidentally deleted them)

Anki should create a backup of your collection each time it’s closed or synchronized.

You can adjust how many copies to keep from the preferences:



Thank you!