A bug in importing cards(with images) from Anki Desktop to AnkiDroid

Dear Sir or Madam
Thank you very much for Anki and AnkiDriod. They are very useful, and I’m using them for more than 1 hour every day in recent years.
I am writing to tell you about a bug.
I always use AnkiDroid(ver. 2.12.1) with my Galaxy-Note8, but every day I add new cards in my home-PC or Work-PC Anki windows version(I have Windows 10. with Anki version 2.1.29 (bbff62bf)). After each weak, I export Anki Deck Package(*.apkg), including media and importing them in my Galaxy-Note8 AnkiDroid.After Exporting, Each week, I create a new profile in the Anki windows version. Sometimes I have a problem with some new imported cards with images in AnkiDroid. The problem is in these some new cards, images are not imported, and when I see the cards (Front or Back), it shows the images apparently with the same name from other old cards. I think this problem has happened because the name generation algorithm for images in Anki windows version has not pseudo-random pattern; I think in importing a new Apkg when AnkiDroid sees the images(media) with a similar name it does not import the images(the other solution can be importing this images with new not-repeated name and replace this new name in cards)
Thank you for all your help in advance.
Yours sincerely
Ph.D. Candidate for information security

Instead of creating multiple profiles, if you just create multiple decks instead, Anki will ensure images with duplicate names get renamed as they’re added.


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Thank you very much for your answer.
I will try that, but actually, I think using one profile is not my correct solution. With your explanation, I have to export my entire AnkDroid decks and cards every day and import them in three different Anki PCs or synch them every day; it’s challenging and takes a lot of time. As I said, it seems my use-case is different: I use Anki only for temporary data entry(Add new cards), not for studying. My deck’s names and numbers are always fixed. I create these decks with the same name in every profile and add my new cards to them. I only add new cards in my home-PC or two Work-PCs Anki. My final base for integrating all of my cards and decks and studying them is AnkiDroid on my smartphone. I’ve figured out Profiles are for different users, but it seems i don’t have another choice for my use-case.
I would be very grateful if you could provide another simple solution to fix my problem.
Yours sincerely