2.1.49 Mac Automatic Unbury still not working

Never mind. I managed to reproduce the issue.

By “reproduce the issue”, do you mean that leaving the app and returning to it, then pulling down to refresh the deck list, causes cards to be unburied? If so, are you sure you’ve updated to 2.0.83?

No, what I meant was that I completed my flashcards on the mac and then it showed there as being more to do still on the phone when I synced them.
However, I realized today when the same thing happened that the problem was cards that were still buried from last week. I have now unburied all of those. I am not sure if there continues to be any issue but will let you know.

I’m also having some issues in regards to burying on my mac. There are some cards being buried with their siblings, but then it seems like they are not unburying themselves like they should. I had to go through the bug initially with the AnkiMobile app automatically unburying all of the cards so I just did all of the cards to clear it out. For some of the siblings, I went ahead and manually rescheduled, but it seems like the cards are not unburying themselves like they should.

Cloze 2 should have unburied itself on 11/28 since that’s when I set it to, but it didn’t. Cloze 1 and Cloze 3 happened on days outside of 11/28. I initially thought maybe either Cloze 1 or 3 happened on 11/28 so it buried itself longer, but that wasn’t the case

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but here is the info:

Close 1 Stats

Cloze 2 stats

Cloze 3 stats

I can confirm the problem persists. When I do them on the mac instead on the phone they do not automatically unbury themselves.

Would you both mind giving the new 2.1.50beta1 a go for a couple of days and seeing if it helps?

You bet, I just installed it.

It has not made a difference. I am still having the same original issue.

Could you let me know privately the email you sync with so I can look up your AnkiWeb collection?

Thanks for that. I see 184 buried cards in your AnkiWeb collection at the moment, which get unburied as soon as I attempt to open a copy using the computer version (my timezone may be ahead of yours). If you avoid syncing/using your mobile device until the day rolls over, then open the computer version again, does is:buried in the browse screen show any cards, or are the cards successfully being unburied in that case?

I have never not synced my mobile device before the day rollover so I will have to wait a few days to find out.

I can say that when I have synced it (whether that makes a difference we have yet to see) there are is:buried cards after the day rollover.

One other thing that might be worth trying, is starting the computer version the next day while holding down shift, so it doesn’t sync automatically on startup. When you do that, are the cards unburied correctly?

I don’t typically close the Anki app. So each new day it opens without syncing.

Theoretically it should be automatically refreshing if left on the deck list, and when syncing. But that’s one more variable we could try rule out, by seeing if the issue happens when closing each day.

I did my flashcards yesterday exclusively on the Mac and I did not sync at all. Today (without having synced), there are no ‘Buried’ cards.

Ok, that’s promising. And what happens if you close and open Anki at the start and end of each day? Not proposing this as a permanent solution, just trying to narrow down the cause.

Should I allow it to sync when it starts/ends?

That’s the common use case, so might be a good thing to try first. Thanks for bearing with me.

I did Flashcards only on the Mac, including closing and opening (syncing both times) at the end and beginning of the day.
There are no cards at the beginning of the day that are ‘buried.’

In the meantime, I have not once synced my iPhone.
I am guessing if I do sync my iPhone, the problem will reappear. Is there anything else you want me to try to try to narrow down the issue?
I typically do a lot of flashcards on my phone during my commute, so it has been inconvenient not to be able to do that while we are focusing on testing on the Mac. But certainly worth it if it leads to a solution.

Ok, at the start of the next day, please open the desktop, allow it to sync, and confirm is:buried shows no cards. Then run the following in the debug console, and note down the number:


Then please open AnkiMobile and sync, confirming no buried cards are waiting after doing so.

Then please return to the computer again, and run the same command in the debug console. Do the numbers match? If you repeat the process the next day, do any cards fail to be unburied?