No new cards for me

Hi everyone
In some decks which I use every day no new cards are displaying on desktop and mobile since yesterday. Yet there are new cards in the deck, but somehow I can’t see them now… I didn’t change preferences or anything and got this problem.
anki 2.1.49

can anyone help me please?

There are several factor involved that could explain your problem, so more info is needed: your deck options, your deck structure, what have you done exactly…
Also, there are a lot of similar questions on the forum, maybe you could fin some ideas there:

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unfortunately I didn’t do anything! honestly
they just didn’t appear yesterday morning…
I fixed it actually: in the deck pressed ctrl+A then ctrl+J and again ctrl+J → immediately all new cards appeared in that deck… what was that? I don’t understand

Apparently your new cards were suspended. By selecting all cards (CTRL+A) and then Ctrl+J (suspend) twice, you have unsuspended them.

yes, I know that, but in this deck I suspended some cards, not all of them.
and this worked on the decks where there were no suspended cards, so I suspend them and then unsuspend them and new cards appeared after that.
more over I didn’t change anything and new cards appeared every day, until yesterday…

If suspending and unsuspending helped, those cards may have been buried, and your issue may be related to this one: 2.1.49 Mac Automatic Unbury still not working - #15 by dae