Zero cards in red before starting to study

If I hit 1d on a card today it will show up tomorrow in red, right? Or in green?
Either I’m too Idiot to understand it or something wrong with my settings. I’ve been using ankidroid from few weeks. I’ve noticed since couple of days I’m not getting any red cards (cards due for today). It’s just zero. I get 30 new(blue) and some reviews (green) btw green are the ones which are graduated right? With now ease attached?
If so then I’m not getting any learning cards. Please help.

That depends on your settings. With default settings, a card graduates with an interval of 1 day, so it will show up as a green/review card the next day. If you have set up interday learning steps, it will appear as a red/learning card during these intervals, although I’m not sure that’s consistent across all versions and platforms.

You can check if there are due learning cards by searching in the browser for prop:due=0 is:learn.

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No I didn’t change much of default. Max reviews -9999, new cards - 30 and timebox -30mins. I didn’t touch steps, ease or anything else.
So If I understood it correctly, let’s say I tap 1d today - that card now graduated? Right ? And will come up in green tomorrow?
Then which ones come under red the next day before studying?


With the default settings, none except for any learning cards from the day before which you didn’t study.

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Oh so last question so if I did blue red green all zero today. I’ll only get blue and green the next day morning?(with default settings) and no red, right ?


Overall I’m just stupid :sweat_smile: it was a basic thing I failed to understand. Thanks for clearing it out for me