'Ze Add Note Id': still necessary for 23.10?

I know from past experience that I’ll run into issues without this addon; I often need to create cards with identical first fields.

Has the functionality of Ze Add Note Id somehow been incorporated into Anki with 23.10? Otherwise, I’ll be stuck with 2.1.66 …

Cheers :slight_smile:

If you want to create notes with identical fields, you can make these fields sticky, which is has been built into Anki for quite some time. If you need the add-on‘s specific functionality (https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/886709118), you need to install it again.

No, this is NOT what Ze Add Note Id is for … :wink:

From the manual:

Anki checks the first field for uniqueness, so it will warn you if you enter two cards with a Front field of “apple” (for example).

Ze Add Note Id adds, you guessed it, the Note ID before the first field, so that all cards will always be unique …

Recent Anki versions do not prevent you from adding multiple cards with the same first field. The other use for Ze Add Note Id was to provide a unique identifier when exporting+importing csv files, but recent Anki versions can include an internal unique id for you automatically.

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