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Checking 1st field for uniqueness, warning of duplicates — disabling without Add-On?

Manual: Anki checks 1st field for uniqueness, … listed as duplicates

Any chance this behaviour could optionally be disabled in the future?

I.e. obviate the need for Add-Ons like Ze Add Note Id?

I do sometimes have reasons for identical first fields, and I don’t care if duplicates are detected, and as a layperson, I don’t want to have to concern myself too much with the inner workings of databases :wink:

Ze Add Note Id is a fine Add-On; but it may (or may not) have something to do with the ‘bug’ I mentioned here.

The more Add-Ons one needs, the more hassle updating Anki … :frowning:

Says Anki: “Hey mate, the first field is empty.”
Says me: “Thanks Anki for reminding me.” :smiley:

You can simply ignore those warnings, isn’t it? Why do you think making this feature optional would improve the user experience? (Just asking out of curiosity :wink: )

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You can reorder your fields to place one that is usually unique/not empty at the top. The restriction is not based on the underlying storage, it’s so that you get notified of duplicates as soon as possible when adding content.