Addon 'Ze Add Note Id': would a DEinstallation cause any problems?

I do not care at all for note/card IDs; I had been using this add-on for the last couple of years because I know exactly what I’m doing when adding identical first fields, and I don’t want any warnings about that … :wink:

People are reporting problems with the addon when updating to Anki 23.12; I have no time for lengthy experiments …

So would it be safe to simply get rid of the addon altogether, without any replacement? I’d have hundreds of identical first fields if the field noteid were removed.

The manual still says Anki checks the first field for uniqueness, so it will warn you if you enter two cards with a Front field of …

I used to use a similar add-on, when I realised the limitations of the indexed first field.

I no longer have the add-on installed, but I still create my cards with a first column called “NoteID” and it is the unique identifier for each note.

If you are concerned, though, and wish to test: back up your local Anki (from your computer), disconnect it from any network (so that it cannot synchronise), and test. Restore to the backed-up version, if you need to.

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That warning really is just a visual cue. Having duplicates doesn’t make anything about Anki not work correctly. I’m not sure there’s anything to worry about.

(yes, there’s an additional detail, and it is the new solution)

Just found this:

Add note ID (Fork for Anki 23 by Shige)

After an initial try: seems promising …