Your decks here and on AnkiWeb differ

I have an add-on to study for an exam, this add-on gives me different flashcards to study and automatically adds or removes different flashcards. The only device I use is my computer. I make sure to sync each time, but after I close Anki or open the app again the same message pops-up:

> Your decks here and on AnkiWeb differ in such a way that they can’t be merged together, so it’s necessary to overwrite the decks on one side with the decks from the other.
> If you choose download, Anki will fetch the collection from AnkiWeb, and any changes you have made on this device since the last sync will be lost.
> If you choose upload, Anki will send this device’s data to AnkiWeb, and any changes that are waiting on AnkiWeb will be lost.
> After all devices are in sync, future reviews and added cards can be merged automatically.

I’ve tried both options download and upload, non have seemed to work. I hope anyone can help please.

Which add-on?

It’s Anki-Hub, for USMLE step 1. It has a bunch of flashcards that are added or removed periodically

Please report the issue to AnkiHub.

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