WYSIWYG editor paste as plain text mode

I waste so much time battling the WYSIWYG editor in AnkiMobile.

Would it be possible to add a “paste as plain text mode” button or “paste as plain text” toggle in the settings?

If I copy the following from a plain text editor and paste to ankimobile’s editor:

Some text
more text.
Even more text!

Something like the following would be expected in code view:
<p>Some text<br>more text.<br>even more text!</p>

Instead, all of my cards are littered with extra <div>’s And whatever this nonsense is
<span style="background: var(--field-bg);">

Adding two blank lines becomes

Why not integrate a free variant of TinyMCE, since it integrates into svelte ? Also, unordered list and indent buttons are gravely needed.


Have you updated to the latest AnkiMobile? The var(…) text being included in copy/paste was an issue in earlier versions, and a recent update was supposed to fix it.

AnkiMobile’s editor will hopefully be switched to the one the desktop uses in the future, but there’s a bunch of groundwork that needs to be completed first. Regarding MCE, this is tracked here: Evaluate feasibility of using parts of TinyMCE · Issue #2025 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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