Paste plain text

After installing 2.1.35 I see that when I copy-paste text, a lot of formatting information also gets invisibly copied including alignment, colour, font and so on. This is a real problem. When pasting from web pages, spreadsheets, and other sources as I often do, the formatting is inconsistent with other cards.
I don’t find the feature useful at all. I have to go via Notepad to just paste plain text.
If the feature is retained, would it be possible to include a ‘paste as plain text’ option too?

Or is there some workaround I am missing? I downgraded to the previous Anki version as this was making it so tedious to add new cards.

Ctrl+Shift+V should get rid of most formatting. You can also select all text with Ctrl+A and then remove formatting with Ctrl+R. If you don’t want to press Ctrl+Shift+V, but rather Ctrl+V to paste without formatting, this can be configured in the preferences under Basic.

Some strange HTML elements can still make an exception, as far as I am aware. Most of formatting should be stripped though.