Ctrl + c/v without original text formatting!?

Most of the answers for the cards I create in anki are from webpages etc. A huge headache tho is that the original formatting is kept which means that the text color/size/etc is the same as the webpage, which of course also means that unless I reformat them, all the cards will have different fonts and sizes which doesnt look good.

Please tell me there is some way to turn this off? Right now I can “strip” the formatting from the text by pasting it in the web-browser url field first then copying that text to the card, but thats a lot of extra work.

Use ctrl+shift+V for pasting without formatting.


Thank you so much! I have struggled with this “problem” for years with other programs as well when copying stuff from websites. This will make things so much easier!

You can also go to Preferences and check the option “Paste without shift key strips formatting” to invert the default behaviour – in that case a normal paste strips the formatting and the SHIFT-paste preserves it.