With mini keyboard, how will you map the key/buttons for anki?

hi, previously said i am using anki on a stationary bike, with this type of mini keyboard (2.4G/BT dual use)

from a reddit thread i was told “1”-“4” and “enter” are enough.

however, previosly i only use mouse on windows desktop anki,
i am still using a windows tab on the bike.

and obviously, the “1” and “2” are very close for a finger tip.

any suggestions?

may be somehow DISABLE all keys,
choose FIVE keys for “1-4”, “enter” etc?


previously discussed,
anki not friendly with foss autohotkey,
but seems it’s ok /w commercial MKM, mediachance’s multi keyboard macros.
i have and use both.

my plan:
disable all keys,
keep 1, 4, enter.

then make z as 2, v as 3.

as such?

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