Feature Request: Shortcuts work when using Korean keyboard

I hope this would be a smallish-request to map hotkeys.

Platform: MacOS Catalina 10.15.7
Anki Version: 2.1.35

As I’m studying Korean I’m often blocked because I happen to be in “2-Set Korean” keyboard mode (the most popular by far I believe), and none of Anki’s hotkeys work. E.g. some of the most common:

b: search cards
e: edit
cmd+d: go to deck list

The hotkeys of most programs continue to work (Firefox, OneNote, etc.) whichever keyboard I’m on.

Of course I can work around this by always switching keyboards but it’s a constant focus interruption.

Thanks so much for your work on this program, it’s been indispensable to me for years!

I’m afraid I’m not sure how to correctly handle single key shortcuts when the keyboard is in a different input mode. I gave this a test in gmail (which uses single shortcut keys like ‘c’ to start composing an email), but it appears to suffer from the same problem.

Interesting - my shortcuts all still work in Gmail (Firefox) for Korean 2-Set Keyboard mode (C for compose, X for select, R for reply…)

I don’t know how the implementation works but I can say that it is most common in my experience that apps’ shortcuts continue working after switching!

Strange, I tested again, but with this Mac set to 2 set Korean, the shortcuts in Gmail stop working for me. I’m using Chrome rather than Firefox; maybe that explains the difference?

I’m seeing the same thing - while using Chrome in Korean 2-Set, shortcuts in Gmail break. Safari also appears to fail. Firefox is the exception.

However every non-browser app I tried handles this situation gracefully, so the same keys map to the same functions - Toggl Timer, MS OneNote, MacOS Reminders, MacOS Messages, Slack, Spotify, Whatsapp Desktop.

Of course this would be especially useful in Anki since so many people use it for language learning! Hope it’s something that can be addressed. (Either way I will keep loving the app!)

I suspect it’s down to Firefox handling the key input events differently. Anki is based on Chrome’s web renderer, so issues in Chrome will tend to appear in Anki as well. There may be alternative ways it can be worked around, but I’m afraid I don’t have the bandwidth for this at the moment. Maybe one option for now would be to use an add-on to redefine the shortcut keys to something else that you can trigger with the Korean layout?

Ok, thanks for the recommendation.

For reference, of the languages I use: “Pinyin-Simplified” Chinese keyboard works fine for me in Anki (both cmd+key and simpile keys like B for card list, D for deck list) work correctly.

2-Set Korean and Russian keyboards both only work for modified hotkeys (like cmd+d for Change Deck) and not simple hotkeys. So a fix would extend beyond just Korean language and potentially to many others.

Regardless, thanks for your responses and work here!