About hotkeys in other languages

Hello, I am a person who uses this program in Korea.

When used on a Mac or iPad, abbreviations are not used when the language is a language other than English.

Can’t it be updated so that it works even when it’s Korean? I beg you.

I will write down the Korean keyboard that works in English Press the corresponding Korean word to activate the abbreviation Please keep in mind.

Q = ‘ㅂ’
W = ‘ㅈ’
E = ‘ㄷ’
R = ‘ㄱ’
T = ‘ㅅ’
Y = ‘ㅛ’
U = ‘ㅕ’
I = ‘ㅑ’
O = ‘ㅐ’
P = ‘ㅔ’
A = ‘ㅁ’
S = ‘ㄴ’
D = ‘ㅇ’
F = ‘ㄹ’
H = ‘ㅗ’
G = ‘ㅎ’
J = ‘ㅓ’
K = ‘ㅏ’
L = ‘ㅣ’
Z = ‘ㅋ’
X = ‘ㅌ’
C = ‘ㅊ’
V = ‘ㅍ’
B = ‘ㅠ’
N = ‘ㅜ’
M = ‘ㅡ’

Please update to the latest Anki version and see if the problem still exists.

Hello :slight_smile:

It still does not work on version 2.1.64 (581f82c5). :frowning:

Thank you for confirming; I’ve logged this on One-key shortcuts like 'd' do not work when Korean keyboard layout active · Issue #2525 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Thank you very much for your concern

I hope it will work as soon as soon as possible.

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