Shortcut problems

Hi all,

I’m using a small laptop with a short keyboard. There is no numeric keypad on it, therefore I can’t use basic shortcuts to answer my cards like 1, 2, 3… Shift key + a number doesn’t work either.

Is there a solution ?

Your keyboard should have numeric keys somewhere otherwise you cannot type numbers and in your first post there are the number 1, 2, 3. How did you typed those numbers?


The same number keys you pressed to type on this forum should work inside Anki. I just tested here. If those number not working on your computer, what is your Anki version and Operating System?

Can you try installing the:

  1. Latest version from
  2. Latest alternate version from
  3. If you are felling adventurous, you can try installing the latest beta (and alternate beta) versions from

Hm in fact I live in France and I own an azerty keyboard, like everybody here… The main difference with a qwerty, is that to type numbers I can’t directly press the key, I have to press shift key + the number, like if you want to type an at “@”. That’s why it is probably not working…

To answer your questions, I’m on Windows and I use Anki Version 2.1.15. (I think it is one of the last ones).

I know lots of french medical students have been using Anki, I shouldn’t be the first with that problem… Hoping there is a solution or a way to edit the shortcut keys.

Have a terrific day

Not tried, but one of those three must surely work.


The last stable release is is 2.1.26. Version 2.1.15 was released August last year. Is there something preventing you from updating?

I just downloaded the 2.1.26. but nothing changes.
However, I downloaded p4nix’s add-on and it works very well like this !! So thank you, you solved my problem :slight_smile:

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Feel free to leave a review on the shared add-on, so you could help future users who may have the same issue.

Consider it done !

I am sure it was meant differently, but none of this add-ons is made by me, I just referenced the link. Especially in open source software, I consider it highly important to credit the right people (as the authors gave away their free-time to distribute powerful tools!), so this is just a small clarification.

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Sorry my bad, language mistakes… All the credit has to go to the real author, you’re absolutely right. I thank him /her a lot (and you at the same time for sharing of course).