Anki 2.1.44 keyboard shortcuts

I use a custom keyboard layout on Windows to type special characters. Some of these include CTRL+ALT+A, CTRL+ALT+R, etc. I’ve used these in the past when creating cards on Anki Desktop with no issues. Since Anki Desktop 2.1.29 I haven’t been able to use those key combinations when typing in the input box. I have to type them elsewhere (eg. Notepad) and then copy and paste the characters into Anki. Is there a way to restore that functionality?

I’m on Windows 10 Pro (64-bit). I was able to work around this issue previously by installing the 32-bit version, but that’s no longer an option without downgrading. Any ideas?

I’m afraid that sounds like an issue with the toolkit Anki is built on, and there’s not much we can do except hope they fix it in the future.

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