Anki 2.1.29 keyboard shortcuts

I use a custom keyboard layout on Windows to type special characters. Some of these include CTRL+ALT+A, CTRL+ALT+R, etc. I’ve used these in the past when creating cards on Anki Desktop with no issues. I just upgraded to Anki Desktop 2.1.29 and now I can’t use those key combinations when typing in the input box. I have to type them elsewhere (eg. Notepad) and then copy and paste the characters into Anki. Is there a way to restore that functionality?

I think that you can solve the issue installing the alternate version and/or with what was discussed here:

Feel free to navigate to later replies from the one I am linking.

Thank you! I followed the directions on the thread you linked to create a .bat file or custom shortcut, but it didn’t resolve the issue. But installing the alternate version fixed it, so thanks for that.