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Customize Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s not a trivial issue: people with international keyboard layouts just can’t use some of the predefined keyboard shortcuts for some commands(for example, the @ symbol to suspend card) and must use the mouse instead.

Yes, I know that there are some addons just for that (for example, Customize Keyboard Shortcuts - AnkiWeb ), but some of us try to avoid installing addons, and it would be just great if this function would be implemented in the main program.

Thanks for considering.

Shortcuts should listen to actual keys rather than the characters produced by the keys, which I think would solve this issue easier.
So rather than listening to “@”, it should listen to “Shift+2”. However it seems this is not possible with Qt. But it is possible, if we integrate the shortcuts into the web view. I will prepare a patch to Anki for this :slight_smile:

Do you have any other windows other than the reviewer, where you noticed this?


Thanks very much!

The @ - suspend card has been the only non-working shortcut I’ve found until now (I’m using a spanish keyboard layout), but I will take a look and report if I find another one, for sure.