Shortcut overlap with "AltGr+Shift+1" = "suspend" instead of '¡'


there are several AltGr issues posted in the Forum, but I guess no one mentioned the issue I run into.
First I have to say that I am able to use AltGr for typing all the letters like “äåéöáß” etc.

The Problem is to type in the ‘¡’ Symbol which is used e.g. in Spanish
I am using the AltGr International Layout Variant where you normally type the Symbol ‘¡’ with AltGr+Shift+1.
Now this key combination seems to be used as a shortcut of Anki Desktop to send a card into suspend.

Is there a way to change this shortcut in Anki Desktop?

My used version is Version 2.1.26 (arch-linux-2.1.26-1) with Python 3.8.6, Qt 5.15.1, and PyQt 5.15.1.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Additional information on the Problem appearance:
I just realized that I forgot to mention that I use the card type with “type in the answer” and the problem occurs when I type into the textbox while studying.

Current solution:
So I found out that there is an add-on to change the default shortcuts.

I changed the line for the suspend shortcut “reviewer suspend note”: “!” to a random another key “reviewer suspend note”: “|”.
With this, it works for now.

Additional Problem discussion:
What I don’t get is, when the shortcut is just with “!” why it gets activated by pressing by using the combination “AltGr+Shift+1”.
May the “AltGr” somehow deactivates the focus of the textbox and is ignored by Anki somehow, I also found the problem when typing “AltGr+Shift+e” which should type an “É”, but instead, it activates the Anki shortcut to edit the card.

It would be interesting to know if anybody else could verify if this a general Problem of Anki Desktop or if it could be a Problem of my Linux or Window Manager, Version 2.1.26 (arch-linux-2.1.26-1) with i3 version 4.18.3, Python 3.8.6, Qt 5.15.1, and PyQt 5.15.1.

Best regards.