Inexplicable new Add typing behaviour since upgrade (Win 7 only)

Hi there,

Experienced Anki user here (8 years, daily, all own content, broad use of many features).

I use my own custom keyboard layout for making notes, which facilitates quickly inserting various useful characters which aren’t readily available on your average keyboard without memorising a silly number of alt codes e.g. • ° λ ♂ ≡ ≈ ≥ → etc.

These are all achieved by holding the [Alt Gr] whilst pressing other keys, per the layout mapping. I have used this for years of fruitful flashcard creation with no problems (apart from the [Alt Gr]-F combination that has strangely never worked within Anki but didn’t bug me enough to post here!) That is, until this last update.

Since upgrading from the previous 64-bit Windows desktop version to Version 2.1.35, my Windows 7 workstation now exhibits the following behaviour which is not reproducible on by Windows 10 laptop.

I can still type these characters in all other applications as usual, but, frustratingly, not in the Anki Add window - which is exactly where I want to be using them! I can type them in to the browser and the html-edit popup window, though, which indicates it’s not a blanket application-focus issue.

Because this is my main workstation that I use to generate content, I don’t want to simply give up and use my annoying poor quality regrettable purchase of an HP laptop instead. (Hint: avoid HP?)

Are there any suggestions from the brighter folk of the Anki forums as to what’s causing this?

Many thanks,

Not a solution to your problem and will break your current workflow, but maybe this add-on still helps:

Hope you find a solution to your problem though, it is annoying when usual workflows suddenly break without a real reason.

Perhaps your other machine is using the alternate 32 bit version? It uses an older toolkit, and there were some issues with AltGr in the later one.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s still easier to simply flick into html edit whenever I need to type a special character, or for character-heavy cards I draft it in notepad then paste into Anki before applying any formatting.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think it’s running 64 bit, in that the .exe is in the “Program Files” folder and not “Program Files (x86)”, and task manager lists the process as “anki.exe” not a “.exe *32”. Or is there something I’m missing?

Sounds like the 64 bit version - I’m not sure why it would behave differently on one of your machines.