Version 2.1.28 US Intl Keyboard Issues

Just upgraded from Version 2.1.26 to Version 2.1.28 on my desktop (Windows 10 Home). My US Intl Keyboard is no no longer able to type accented characters (alt a = á, alt n = ñ, alt ! = ¡, etc.) into Anki. But does work in other programs (as just demonstrated in previous sentence). I have restarted Anki and Desktop several times, I have checked database etc.

This should get fixed in version 2.1.29.

see 2.1.28 prevents me from typing any Hawaiian characters


Yep, good to go! Thanks.

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I’m running 2.2.31 standard version, and I’m still having problems entering special characters. The problem occurs with and without add-ons enabled. I’m running W10.

For example, using a US standard keyboard, ctrl + `, o should produce ò. But it doesn’t in the Anki add note form. (Or here in the comment box, for that matter. But it does work in Word and other software.) AltGr + combinations seem to work. But for the most part AltGr + , combinations seem not to, at least for, e.g., the French keyboard. So, it may be the dead key combinations that are the source of the trouble.

Unfortunately the toolkit Anki uses does not support all methods of inputting characters - if the -alternate Anki download does not help, I’m afraid we need to wait for them to fix the issues.