Anki on windows do not work with secondary macro keyboards


i am a macro keys nerd.

anki on windows don’t work with commercial MKM:

ps: when i press the hotkey, instead of that hotkey,
in anki it simply type out several ‘’‘’‘’‘’’ or something rubbish etc.

btw, there is a trial demo download from below so if someone wanna check…

Not very fatal, just inconvenient. But wish it will be ok.

anki works with authotkey, but autohotkey saw ALL same buttons say a “A” on keyboard1, keyboard2, keyboard3 as the same key. that means you maximum have 104 keys or something.

this MKM let you add UNLIMITED number of keyboard (my desk limit to 2 extra small usb keyboard) thus let you have 104+100+100 buttons.

this should be a feature request?



Multi-Keyboard MACROS

ps: there is student discount, 25% off or something like that.

it didn’t workwell with say chrome browser too,
it may add the original button before the content,
say it should type out “test” by pressing button 0,
but instead it type out 0test in chrome.

i’ll guess it somehow deal with intercepts etc and thus interfere with other programs.

i have send email to mkm’s company to ask, but they don’t have any idea too:

it’s author said:
I’m not sure what could be the issue - the software sends the keyboard using windows standard way - it seems your application may not interpret it correctly.


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NOT working with Anki, which indeed is good for using macros.

Install & Upgrade - Anki Manual

i am on win10 22h2, 64bit, with mkm 2.28.

suppose the mkm macro should type “hello”, it simply output a string of ``````` instead.

anki is open source and free, if possible, pls have a look.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from using AutoHotkey it’s that there are several ways to send keyboard events to Windows, and not just one standard way. It’s more complex than “send it this standard way” and expect it to work with everything.

I’m inclined to say this is a bug in MultiKeyboard Macros that needs to be fixed rather than a problem with any particular target application. It’s up to MediaChance to fix any issues MKM is having with other software, not incumbent on the target software to change something to be compatible with MKM. After all both Chrome and Anki are working as designed and between them have millions of users.

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you are 50% correct.

there are also millions of softwares that work with mkm :grin:

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