Windows Tamil 99 Keyboard Input Not Working

I use the Windows Tamil 99 keyboard layout when typing in Tamil. As background, Tamil characters are made up of a combination of a consonant and a vowel, and are typed accordingly, such that first the consonant is typed, and then the accompanying vowel (or lack thereof).

When I type into a field in Anki the consonant first displays on the screen. Then, when I type the vowel, the field clears and becomes blank, leaving me back where I started.

However, copying existing Tamil text from e.g. Google Translate does work. This is all well and good for when making the cards, but if I have to type into Google Translate and then copy it each time I need to type an answer it soon becomes tiresome.

I wondered if there is an issue with Windows Tamil Keyboard Input or if anyone has suggestions.

Many thanks!

Apologies for the quick reply.

It appears that the other Tamil Keyboard Layout (INSCRIPT) does work, however I’m not accustomed to this keyboard.

I mention this because it may mean something to someone reading - if possible I would still rather use Tamil99.

It also appears on Wikipedia that Unicode has code positions only for 31 out of 247 Tamil Characters. Incidentally I believe these are the same 31 I can type.

Many thanks!

Unfortunately it’s probably an issue with the graphics toolkit Anki is built on. You could try the latest Anki beta to see if it makes any difference, as it uses a newer toolkit version.

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