(Windows 11) Anki 2.1.60 cannot open

Hello, I just downloaded ANKI 2.1.60 from the ANKI page. It fails to open when right clicking, and only opens if I “run as administrator”. In doing this, I get a pop up asking “If I will allow the application to make changes on the device” every single time. Wondering whether anyone has struggled with this? I am on Windows 11

I’ve managed to download a previous version and trial it - 2.1.57. It opens without the use of administrator, but still has the annoying pop up saying “ANKI is trying to make changes to the device, are you sure you want to use it?”

Admin access

Yes I saw that. It gives no indication how to fix it, and doesn’t fix the next problem of having to always “accept the changes ANKI makes to the device”. Any way to fix these?

This is the first time we are having this issue, gotta wait for someone with W11 or a dev to figure it out

worth checking out

See if there is an option in Account Control settings to disable only for Anki on W11

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This seems to be a complaint about UAC in general. I thought you meant you were getting the prompt every time you opened Anki, if you are only getting it when running the install, that is Windows behaving as designed, so you would have to disable UAC if that annoys you.

I am getting the prompt every time I open ANKI, not just anytime I download it. If it was the latter I would understand.

There is no way to only decrease that popping up for just ANKI - only across the board. Which I really do not want to do, given the obvious security implications that would have.

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So far I have:
Installed twice - 2.1.60 - Administrator and Pop Ups
Installed 2.1.59 - Administrator and Pop Ups
Installed twice - 2.1.57 - Administrator and Pop Ups
Installed 2.1.56 - Administrator and Pop Ups
Restarted my computer a couple times for good measure too.

In that case, it’s really strange. Have you tried holding down the shift key while opening Anki to temporarily disable add-ons? I’m not sure if it’s possible for an add-on to cause this though.

I have not got any add-ons installed, so it is not that either. It’s just very strange.

Anki writes files in this location: Managing Files - Anki Manual

Maybe your user does not have permission to access that location without admin privileges?

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