My anki does not open when I click on it

My anki app does notopen when I click on it. Should uninstall and install again? Why does this happen? This occurred after I updated to a new version of ankiweb.

Update: tried to uninstall and got this message:

You posted to AnkiMobile, but your screenshot shows a desktop (PC) issue.

You shouldn’t need to uninstall, because installing Anki will uninstall the previous version.

When you install recent versions of Anki, you should not “Run as Administrator”. Just run the installation program normally.

You might have an old Desktop shortcut that still points to an older version of Anki that was installed in C:\Program Files\Anki

I just realized I posted in the wrong forum. Thanks.

How do I find those older versions? I uninstalled ANKI and it finally allowed me to do so BUT when I clicked on the new installed version, it still does not open.

How do I delete all OLD versions and shortcuts, like you pointed out? Thanks for the help BTW.

Delete any version in C:\Program Files\Anki.

Right-click on the Anki desktop shortcut, then select Properties
and look at the Target: value. If it is pointing to C:\Program Files\Anki, then delete that shortcut.

If Anki installed correctly, then it should create a new desktop shortcut and the Target: value in that shortcut’s Properties popup should say:
and clicking on that shortcut should run Anki.

Deleted Anki files in C:\Programs Filles\Anki

The desktop shortcut has my username in it. it still does not open. Should i reinstall?


Sure, try reinstalling it.

Which version of Anki are you installing? Which version of Windows do you have?

Are there any error messages when you run the installer? Does anything at all display when you try to run Anki?

When you run the Task Manager (shortcut is: Ctrl+Shift+Esc), does Anki appear there as a running app?

Do you by any chance have more than one monitor, and maybe Anki is popping up on a different monitor?

Do you have add-ons? Maybe they are interfering somehow. Try holding down the Shift key when you start Anki, this will temporarily disable all add-ons.

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