Will using custom note type or other modifications results in total loss if they are not compatible with updates? any risk? thx


I just found cloze reveal one by one is the best way to use anki, i am in medical field as many of you.

yet, anki itself didn’t come /w that.

Of course I’ll search this forum and googled,
the most info rich thread is this:

I found:

  1. user @kleinerpirat kindly shared a simple script to add at card’s back template, one could DIY copy and REMOVE from the official cloze note type,
  2. he/she also shared a new note type with tons of script at front and back
  3. other users shared their own original or modified “2”, may be about 3-5 versions.

my problem is:
if i use “2” or “3”, if oneday they don’t work well /w updated anki (just like some addons),
will i lost my cards?
(I tried using change note type function, it seems at this moment, there is no pain
converting from native cloze to “1” or “2” or “3”)

or should I stick with “1”? for this even non-programmer like me knows how to copy and delete
that paragraph of script from the native cloze note type.

it’s not uncommon for un-maintained addon to stop functioning after some anki updates,
so my worry is reasonable.

btw, it will be good if someone could tell me how i can align the text at the back to left
in “2” note type… i tried change all align to left in “2” 's styling but it doesn’t work, those
new note types not necessarily function as native cards worries me.

thank you.

If one of the notetypes stops functioning in a future update, it should be no problem to change all your cards to another one-by-one notetype, as long as they use the same syntax (i.e. native Anki clozes).

Also, if the scripts use vanilla JS, the chance of a notetype completely losing function is very slim. The reviewer is a part of Anki where we’re very keen on keeping backwards-compatibility.