Why isn't it possible to make a cyclical deck that doesn't change intervals?

I would like to have a specific deck that presents you all its cards every three days without varying their intervals at all but this does not seem to be possible.

You can create a filtered deck for that. Type in the search for the cards you want to include and append -rated:4. This will exclude cards which have been reviewed today or on one of the past three days.

deck:"Cyclical deck" -rated:4
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It is not only possible but it can be done in a number of ways.
Your question is incomplete. Tell us:

  • What the reason is
  • How you are selecting the cards
  • What will be next step in your workflow.

To explain further I have a specific deck with a small number of thought patterns and other personal reminders that I want to actively keep in mind (I picked three days but will probably adjust it to a longer cycle later). It’s a bit of an experimental thing for now: a method to keep my focus on certain things.

There wouldn’t be a next step in this case. I have the other decks that I review the normal way through spaced repetition. Ideally I would keep the cycle deck entirely separate from the rest of the workflow, but review the cards every cycle as they come up. The filter deck idea was helpful but I don’t think it would be appropriate in this case.

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Sub-decks. One Task per deck.

TODO ( Parent deck)
… 01 Task A subdeck
… 02 Task B subdeck

You will see all tasks in the Decks screen. Work with them.
Make 2 separate Options Groups - for the Parent and 2) - for the subdecks.
Schedule from the Parent deck.

View all cards in Browse window; do the work.
Reschedule all cards, as a block, in this window.:

  • Select all cards
  • Reschedule → Review queue → interval = 3

I didnt try this. Pls let me know of the results.

Thanks for the tip. To clarify it’s not for tasks reminders, but for mental reminders for general behavior (for example “if a task takes less than three minutes {do it now}” or “growth mindset vs. fixed mindset”) . I don’t understand the sub-deck idea. I just want to see the same cards every three/X days (on second thoughts maybe 9 days is more appropriate, but let’s stick to that for now) and have them be due in exactly three/X days when I hit Good, and so on until the end of time.

I played around in the settings and put [steps in minutes 4320] (that’s three days) [graduating interval 3 days] [easy interval 3 days]
[Interval mod 100%] [Easy Bonus 100%] [Max interval 3 days]

I did a test run by rescheduling all cards to new and spamming the spacebar. It always showed three days for good, easy and again but for some reason the cards aren’t due on the same date when I browse through the deck. I’m stuck here at the moment.

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Ok so I think I found the explanation to this problem. Anki apparently adds a random modifier to cards so that they do not all appear on the same day as they were together. This cannot be changed unless I am mistaken

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I knew that - just made it simple to begin with.
Add-on “Rememorize … reschedule…” has the option to cancel the Fuzz.
Note: see my edit in the prior post ( reschedule in Review queue ).

  • To see the rescheduled cards in Browser:
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I appreciate the help. In this case, I would rather not have to reschedule manually from the Browser section but have it automatic with Anki. I will try the extension you cited! I’ll keep this solution for now and report back if there are any issues.

Use Standard decks.
In options, set Maximum to 3; you will use the spacebar to schedule cards.
If you want to kill the Fuzz, use the add-on "Defuzz’’.

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Thanks, it appears the simplest solution is indeed the best :smiley:

This addon designates the current card in the reviewer as a cron card. A cron card follows a schedule from the assigned expression. This is useful for reminders and small notes kept in flashcards.

However, idk if it works with the newest Anki versions.