Why is the card browser showing html code while when learning the same cards the html code is rendered?

So I am importing cards via a CSV.
When use the card browser I can see the back and the front and the back as HTML code
If I click on preview or I proceed with the learning the HTML code is rendered and the card looks as expected for that HTML code

From what I am reading (I just started with Anki, new user here) it should be possible to use either the build in editor or a plugin (extended HTML editor) both in WYSIWYG mode and edit the card visually to say so instead of editing HTML code

Am I doing anything wrong ? The import is not fully fledged HTML docs -just test with basic HTML tags for colors, fonts and links

***Please excuse me as I’m editing this while traveling and might have to stop in random places.

All this information can be found in the AnkiWeb docs under Getting Started → Key Concepts, though I don’t mind explaining some.

In Anki, you don’t edit the actual cards themselves as if you were making physical flash cards. You edit the information (Notes, Fields, Card Types & Note Types) that makes up the individual cards. I’m going to assume you’re using the desktop application.

When you click Browse you enter the database where you can see:

  • On the left: Different filter settings to find your cards and notes.
  • In the middle: The list of cards and notes depending on your filter.
  • On the right: The card/note information as it pertains to the different fields in the note type.

When you edit the HTML, you’re editing how the Card Type will display the information. The information comes from the Fields which you fill out when you create new cards. What Fields are available depends on the Note Type.

Say you’re trying to learn 2 things:

  1. A language.
  2. Math formulas for a test.

You’d want those 2 different things to have 2 different note types.

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I am seeing this picture in the Extended HTML editor plugin help

To me this implies that there is a way to see the card and edit it in a WYSIWYG manner.
On top of that the plugin allows you to see the HTML code like in the picture

Am I getting that wrong ?
Also my understanding is that Anki has a default built in editor that should see the same (the rendered card not the HTML code)
It is true that you could also see that in the preview

I don’t know of a WYSIWYG editor plugin for Anki, though one might exist. You could also use an external editor and paste it into a card. What do you want to use the WYSIWYG editor for? Generally speaking, you would create templates and allow Anki to plug in all the information.

@MiniMe: I made the addon “extended HTML editor”. You don’t need an addon for modifying the html source code (shortcut: ctrl+shift+x). My addon is only about giving you a bigger window for this. This is not meant for wysiwyg editing! If you look for other addons you might find “extended editor for field”. That addons actually bundles another wysiwyg editor. But this is also only relevant for rare special cases, e.g. when you want to modify a table in a field.

For the basic tasks you don’t need addons.

The image you posted in this post shows the Anki editor window in the background. You see colored and bold text. So the built-in anki editor is a wysiwyg editor.

But as already mentioned: The anki editor shows the text of fields of a NOTE. It does not show you the whole CARD styling - instead if focuses on the custom content of each NOTE. If you have text that’s bold or colored you’ll see this (as you can see in the background of the image you posted). The editor just ignores styling that you have set in the in your CARD templates.

If you style your content with css instead of inline properties the anki editor will not show the styling of these classes by default. Again the idea is that in the anki editor you can focus on the content (and not the presentation). Though there’s an add-on named css injector for this … (which is definitely not intended for beginners) … But do you really use css classes in the code you import? Probably not.

Maybe try to reword your question and show screenshots that are actually from your computer…

I still like this: The fundamental principle of Anki card creation | Troyka Maybe try some videos from youtube?


Nevermind, I have just spotted the top right side icons for each field
If you click on those the editor switches to WYSISWG

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