Is there a way to render HTML?

I have to create hundreds of cards that are basically raw HTML (Example: <div class="q-question-text--print-hide"><a class="q-link" data-toggle="collapse - The content of this pastebin is the front of my card. However, I need to find an easy way to render this HTML (instead of showing the actual code). I will be importing 20k+ cards like this to my Anki collection from a CSV file.

Both front and back are raw HTML. I think my explanation was a bit confusing, I am open to answer any questions. Also, any help is accepted.

You could just import them as notes of the Basic note type. The fields of Anki cards are HTML.

You might not have a great time editing them in the Editor though. Using the HTML editor should be fine, as long as the notes do not contain any <style> or <script> tags.

I can’t. I’ll have to import 20k+ cards of those. I can’t waste that much time editing them.